Skin Rejuvenation


Most of us will admit to feeling self-conscious about our skin from time to time but, MySkin skin rejuvenation treatments can help you banish those worries. Using advanced technologies and tailored treatments, we’ve helped thousands of clients to improve the look and feel of their skin. Whether you need a little extra help to fight the signs of aging, want to reduce redness, are looking for an effective, proven rosacea treatment in Birmingham or have an uneven skin tone, MySkin’s facial rejuvenation treatment uses award-winning technology to revitalise your complexion, reduce redness and hide the telltale signs of ageing. Skin damage often occurs slowly over the years, which means that it can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Environmental and lifestyle factors such as long-term sun exposure, UV radiation, smoking and even diet and the passage of time can all wreak havoc on the complexion. Over time, the skin produces less collagen, which means it loses its elasticity and youthfulness, pigmentation can become uneven, and fine lines, redness and sagging begin to take their toll.