Rosacea treatment

When we meet with clients who have rosacea, the most common complaint they have is the persistent redness of their skin, whatever changes they make to their diet or skincare routine.


Though rosacea can sometimes be painful, the redness our clients experience can have an even greater impact because it causes them to suffer from a decrease in self-confidence and it strongly impacts their own sense of self-worth.

However, we have carefully developed treatment plans at MySkin to help you to deal with and overcome any issues you might have if you suffer with rosacea.

Using our trusted Candela Light technology, we can reduce the appearance of redness on the skin by disabling the blood vessels on your face that seem so visible when you suffer with rosacea. In addition, we can also treat telangiectasia, otherwise known as facial thread veins


Before your first rosacea treatment, we will perform a patch test to fully understand your skin and the correct laser strength to use. Then, during your session, the light from the laser is targeted at the problem areas on the skin, and works to breakdown the vessels that cause the redness. Our clients have seen noticeable differences after just a single treatment, and the results only improve throughout their prescribed rosacea treatment plan. No more having to worry about awkward redness with beautifully toned skin.


Find new reasons to love your skin as you enjoy a pampered experience at MySkin Laser Clinic in Birmingham with our team of skincare experts. When you’re ready to book your treatment, you can either book with us online or call us on 0121 339 5855 for more information. We can’t wait to help solve your skin issue and make you feel fantastic!




During each treatment session, we use Candela Light technology to treat the skin. The laser will be teamed to your skin type, and the beam from the laser will penetrate the skin. When this occurs, heat is released below the surface of the skin which works to alter the vessels. This process causes the melanin in the skin to become darker before breaking away from the skin revealing brighter, glowing skin.

This treatment works to diffuse redness and the appearance of any type of rosacea.

We treat a complete variety of clients and skin types. Before we begin treatment, we will have a consultation with you to learn more about your skin. After this meeting, we will create a treatment plan that best meets your skin’s needs. Overall, the best time to schedule an appointment and begin treatment is when your skin is in its natural state (i.e.: not tanned).

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so our clients’ reports tend to differ. Generally speaking, the laser feels like a quick pinch from a rubber band.

Depending on your skin type as well as your desired results, our clients typically visit our clinic once per month for up to six treatments.

Yes, you will want to avoid doing anything or using any products that can cause irritation or damage to the skin. Plan to avoid pools and spas, rigorous activities that will cause excess sweating, very hot water during showers or baths, and tanning. You will want to begin a new sunblock regime that includes daily application of SPF30 to your skin, particularly the treated areas.

After your treatment, the treated areas of your skin will darken and the texture of the skin will change (a light crust is common). After the skin cells fall away, the area will appear rejuvenated, healthy, and glowing. Completing the full treatment plan offers the best results.

We are happy to provide all of the documentation proving the effectiveness and safeness of the treatment.

1. CLINICALLY TRAINED: Everyone on our team at MySkin Laser Clinic is clinically trained to perform all of our skincare treatments. Many of us have also experienced them ourselves!


2. PERSONALISED EXPERIENCE: When you walk through the doors of MySkin Laser Clinic, we want you to immediately feel a sense of peace and calm. Before starting a treatment, we not only want to learn all about your skin, but we also want to learn about you. You are at the heart of our boutique skincare centre.


3. CENTRALLY LOCATED: Located at 95 Newhall Street in Birmingham, MySkin Laser Clinic’s location was chosen for its abundance of natural light as much as the ease with which our clients can visit our space.


4. PROVEN RESULTS: When our clients choose to pursue skincare treatment, they are doing so because they want to experience results. And, we can confirm they do! For example, we remove up to 98% of unwanted hair for our laser hair removal patients.


5. CARE & COMPASSION: Our appointments are spaced so we can always offer a relaxed, personalised experience to each of our clients. We want to uncover the problem areas of your skin with you, and we want to create treatment plans that allow you to experience your desired results. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we always feel honoured to offer a space for them to boost their self-confidence and self-care.