Laser Hair Removal

Go hairfree for greater confidence

Our lifestyles are often busy with little time to take out for the things that secretly matter to us – and sometimes laser hair removal isn’t high on the list of priorities. For women, the thought of being able to wear any style and never worry about shaving, waxing, or removing unwanted hair, sounds too good to be true.

And we have all wished we felt confident enough not to have to wear makeup to cover up the facial hair and the imperfections often caused by waxing and threading.

There is a solution: Laser hair removal, close to you, in the heart of Birmingham. This skincare treatment offered by MySkin Laser Clinic allows you to remove unwanted and ingrown hair, plus you will never have to feel stubble or question whether you can wear an outfit ever again. 

Laser hair removal offers relief with a renewed sense of self-worth, and we can’t recommend it more highly – and neither can our gorgeous clients!


Our clients feel revitalised

by their new hairfree appearance

A boutique clinic for bespoke hairfree solutions

Inside our modern, inviting skincare boutique, we offer laser hair removal in Birmingham as one of our most popular treatments requested by our clients. 

It’s also the treatment that inspired us to launch our business because, we have experienced the results and the difference laser hair removal has made to our own lifestyles; and we want people like you to feel as confident as we do in our own hair-free skin.

 To create the desired outcome with up to 98% permanent hair reduction, our team is clinically trained to use Candela Light and Selective Waveband technology for a more advanced and focussed treatment. 

This means we can treat all skin and hair types; from very dark thick hair to the finest of hairs or peach fuzz – something most lasers cannot do!

Laser Hair Removal for confidence

During your initial consultation, we will first perform a patch test to ensure the laser is adjusted to suit your skin and hair types. We also assist in determining the correct treatment plan, including length of time, for your desired results. 

Our professionals have worked with a broad range of skin types and hair problems, and will be able to advise you with knowledge, experience, and most of all, care and empathy.

Our clients get the permanent hair removal they’re looking for, and we also have the joy of seeing them bloom as they become more confident in their newly hair-free appearance. 

Full Coverage | Affordable | Long Lasting

Our range of treatments covers your entire body, from your upper lip, to your sideburns; hands to your bikini line, all available in great value packages, saving you money compared to single treatments, and offering you long-lasting results. 

We cannot wait to begin your personalised skincare journey with you at MySkin Laser Clinic – so give us a call or book your consultation online with us!

Regain your confidence in your skin