PCOS is one of the most common hormonal disorders in women, and 1 in 10 women suffer with its effects –  with acne and excessive hair growth two of the most common symptoms, most frequently appearing on the face, chest and back.

We know the disorder often takes an emotional toll on our clients, and the additional hair growth and/or acne leaves many women, like you, feeling increasingly self-conscious.

However, there is hope and help through both our laser hair removal for PCOS symptoms and skin rejuvenation treatments.

pcos symptoms


At MySkin Laser Clinic, we are clinically trained to treat increased hair growth through our laser hair removal treatments, caused by the over production of the male hormone, testosterone which causes the PCOS. By using our tested Candela Light technology, we can remove up to 95% of hair growth, which is the same results our traditional laser hair removal clients experience.



To treat acne, which is often present in PCOS patients, the laser treatments serve to destroy the bacteria that produces excess oil in the skin, making it unlikely for the acne to continue to appear.

Because the laser treatments reverse the presence of acne causing bacteria on the skin, acne scarring and further skin damage from acne is no longer possible. Acne can be cleared with our specialised treatments, allowing you to rediscover naturally clear glowing skin once again.

The more advanced selective waveband technology incorporated into our laser hair removal technology means we do not use traditional laser or IPL. Our treatments are far more focussed and results driven meaning we can adjust your sessions to your specific needs.


Treating PCOS symptoms with MySkin


Whether it is laser hair removal or acne clearance treatments you need, when you begin your journey with us, we will start with a consultation during which we will explore your PCOS and desired results. After our first conversations, we will perform a patch test adjusting the laser to suit your skin type. Over the course of your appointments, you can expect to witness your diminishing hair growth and acne presence alongside an increase in self-confidence and personal growth.

Give us a call for more information, or make your consultation online with MySkin. Allow us to join you on your PCOS journey toward renewed joy and skin health.

It certainly is - as the hormone changes caused by PCOS often result in excess or unwanted hair, laser hair removal is a very effective treatment for these specific symptoms. With our technique and experience, we've seen 95% hair removal for our friends who suffer with PCOS, their confidence and beauty restored.

Although you'll see a marked difference after the first session, hair grows in cycles, and to ensure the best coverage, we recommend minimum six sessions with us evenly spaced, with top-ups if necessary. Our experience tells us that after completing their treatment, our clients return once every 4-6 months thereafter for a top up - it's that effective.

This depends on each client - we've seen clients where there has been almost no regrowth, but in most cases the hair grows back much finer, lighter and much more slowly. As laser hair removal is essentially a surface treatment of the symptoms, other factors causing PCOS will also come into play. The vast majority of our clients, however, see fantastic long-lasting results.

A part of the hormonal fluctuations that are part of PCOS, we also see clients with skin issues caused by the same problem. Although we don't recommend treating these issues in the same appointment as hair removal, we do offer laser treatments to help calm and soothe the symptoms of both acne and rosacea.


When you meet your MySkin professional, you will be able to discuss these issues in person for them to be able to recommend a course of hair removal or skin treatments that will restore your self-confidence and helping you feel your best.