Telangiectasia (Facial Thread Vein Removal)

At MySkin Laser Clinic, we are invested in improving our clients’ lives by creating carefully crafted individualised skincare plans. Our treatments commonly include facial thread vein removal, which is known to cause a range of redness appearances on the surface of the skin due to veins that have harmlessly burst below the skin’s surface. Thread Veins and Spider Angomia (spider veins) are often found on the cheeks and around the nose. 


To encourage our clients to lean into pampering and self-care, we offer thread vein removal treatment options using Candela Light technology. Each member of our team is clinically trained in the use of this type of laser technology that targets areas of veins and redness in order to diminish their noticeable appearance. 


Each treatment plan begins with a patch test in which the laser is teamed with your skin type and colour for optimal results, followed by laser treatments that use heat to target problem areas. After a single treatment, our clients report noticeable differences, and those results only continue to improve as additional treatments are administered inside our modern boutique skin clinic. 


Allow us to offer compassionate care and help you to improve upon your self-image as you rebuild your self-confidence. Beautiful clear skin is possible, and we cannot wait for you to embrace the skin you’re in.


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