Refresh, brighten, plump and smooth your skin with a pampering anti-wrinkle facial treatment at our boutique clinic in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.


MySkin clinic uses the most advanced light technology to give clients a restorative, advanced facial that leaves skin looking wonderfully hydrated, feeling smoother and plumper. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy using Candela technology is one of the newest advances in skin care treatments and penetrates deep into the skin to brighten and tighten complexions. It’s ultra-effective and gives results that you can see after just one facial – although we recommend a course of treatments for the best results.


Treat your skin issues with an MySkin Anti Wrinkle Facial


The light facial by Candela at MySkin Birmingham can be used to treat all kind of skin issues and can be administered to remove many types of vascular lesions such as Telangiectasias (Thread Veins), Hemangiomas and Port Wine stains. Given that these are all generally localised issues with blood capillaries, and so respond well to an anti-wrinkle facial treatment, in addition to treating fine lines and crows’ feet.


As an Candela authorised clinic, MySkin uses the most advanced light facial therapy device available. Our experienced aestheticians apply coloured wavelengths of light to targeted areas of the skin – they penetrate the skin at varying depths with each colour helping to address a specific skin complaint.


Effective and long-lasting results


The result? Plumper, more toned skin, and a rejuvenated appearance! Skin issues like acne, rosacea, port wine stains, and fine lines and crows’ feet can all be treated with IPL and, although many of our clients see the effects after just one treatment, a good skincare regimen and multiple sessions can make a real difference – boosting your appearance and your confidence.


Ready to get rid of those wrinkles? We can’t wait to give you the skin you’ve been looking for!