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At MySkin Laser Clinic, we use Candela Light technology to painlessly and permanently remove any unwanted hair - we're your go-to clinic for laser hair removal in Birmingham.


After a consultation and patch test, the laser will be teamed to your skin and hair type, and the treatment begins! The light energy from the laser beam penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle. The energy is then converted to heat, damaging the follicles, and preventing it from producing any more hair! Simple!


The bad news is, if you're blonde, there's very little melanin in the follicles to be destroyed by the beam, so you can't have laser hair removal - our apologies!

Absolutely! Only the latest generation medical grade laser machines backed with published evidence to ensure effective and safe treatments are used at MySkin, and they're in the hands of our trained, qualified and experienced professionals!


You can discuss any concerns at your consultation, where we can of course answer any questions you might have and put your mind at ease, so you can relax during your appointment.

Laser hair removal is fabulous investment, leading to long-term reduction of unwanted hair, saving time, money and effort on alternative hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, epilating, threading, and all that.


Also, laser hair removal is fantastic for preventing the issues associated with ingrown hairs - we've all been there! No hair means no shaving rash, no pilonidal sinuses or other boils or abscesses, caused by hair. Both our male and female clients are very happy they don't have to deal with these any more!


Did we mention the wonderfully smooth skin you won't be able to stop touching?

Very. Our clients that have laser hair removal in Birmingham report up to 98% removal of unwanted hair after a recommended series of sessions - although some see results after just one. Remember that hair has growth cycles so you might not see results straight away, but our experience says that you see around a 15% reduction per session.

We don't recommend laser hair removal is not recommended if you're on certain medical prescriptions, which your therapist will discuss with you, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Hormonal changes often affect hair regrowth so it’s best to avoid this particular treatment.


We also don't recommend laser hair removal before sun exposure, or the area is currently inflamed with conditions such as acne, rosacea or dermatitis.


To make sure laser hair removal is the best course of action for you, everyone should have a consultation and patch test regardless to ensure maximum safety and compatibility - you can book yours right here!

Yes, it does! At MySkin we use modern Candela selective waveband technology to treat hair; whether it's thick, medium or fine, which can be adjusted to your complexion as necessary, giving you a more focussed treatment. As such, we offer laser hair removal services to the vast majority of customers, whether they have fair or dark skin. With this selective waveband technology, hair removal can be as effective as as 98% reduction.

Everyone asks if laser hair removal is painful! We don't think so, but everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so our clients’ reports tend to differ, and you can certainly discuss this in your consultation.

Generally speaking, laser hair removal feels like a quick pinch from a rubber band - more than bearable - and there's no downtime, so you can have your appointment on your break or between shops and get straight back to it!

Straight after the appointment, redness and mild swelling are the two most common things our clients notice, and the treated area will often feel as though it is a little sunburnt. This is all perfectly common and most often last up to two hours after treatment - don't worry, it doesn't last!

Some of our clients have seen slightly thicker hair growth in the area prior to it falling out, but this is also fairly common, so don't freak out if it happens to you - we promise it'll come out!

For the best laser hair removal results, you will want to take several precautions 30-60 days before treatment.

  • Whether you frequent a tanning salon, like to lay outside, or enjoy using self-tanning products, DO NOT tan.
  • Avoid electrolysis, waxing, bleaching, and depilatory creams.
  • DO NOT use anti-inflammatory medication, including Aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • DO NOT smoke up to 4 hours before treatment.

Depending on the area covered, anything from 15 minutes to an hour. A treatment like an upper lip will be a lot shorter than, say, an underarm appointment. A lot of our clients pop in for their sessions on their lunchbreak or while they're shopping in Birmingham city centre - it's that convenient!

Time to soothe and protect!

Similar to how you would treat your skin after a sunburn, you will want to apply a soothing topical skincare cream or gel as recommended by our fab MySkin professionals as needed throughout the day. You can plan to apply cream up to three times per day for the first three days, especially.

Additionally, begin a new routine of liberally applying sunblock daily - need to keep the good work up! You will want to make sure to use at least SPF30, and please avoid direct exposure to the sun (again, no tanning).

During the two-week period of time after treatment, you will likely notice hair loss from the treated area. This is great news - we told you it works! Simply plan to wipe the area of the skin with a soft damp wash cloth to remove the hair.

In terms of bathing and showering, our only advice is to make sure to be gentle with your skin, especially during the first 24 hours after treatment. Plan to use cool water rather than hot to allow the skin to properly heal.

As we have mentioned, it is key to avoid exposure to the sun, pools and spas (chlorine will irritate the skin) and anything that might cause you to sweat a lot - like tighter clothing or jeans.

And, as much as we can't wait for you to see the full results of your treatment, you can't have any further appointments for up to 4-6 weeks in order to experience maximum results and skin healing. If you need to, you can shave (gently!) the area, but no waxing or tweezing!

Overall, you will want to follow all of the directions provided in your aftercare kit.

Depending on your skin and hair types as well as your desired results, our clients typically visit our clinic once every week for 4-8 weeks for treatment. All this will be discussed in your consultation, don't worry!

We're approachable skincare professionals that are proud to make our clients look and feel great!

We've got stellar reviews and top-notch services that fit around your schedule in a convenient, welcoming location in Birmingham city centre. But if you needed any more proof...

1. CLINICALLY TRAINED: Everyone on our team at MySkin Laser Clinic is clinically trained to perform all of our skincare treatments. Many of us have also experienced them ourselves!

2. PERSONALISED EXPERIENCE: When you walk through the doors of MySkin Laser Clinic, we want you to immediately feel a sense of peace and calm. Before starting a treatment, we not only want to learn all about your skin, but we also want to learn about you. You are at the heart of our boutique skincare centre.

3. CENTRALLY LOCATED: Located at 95 Newhall Street in the Jewellery Quarter, MySkin Laser Clinic’s location was chosen for its abundance of natural light as much as the ease with which our clients can visit our space - if you're looking for boutique, bespoke laser hair removal in Birmingham, we're the people you want to talk to.

4. PROVEN RESULTS: When our clients choose to pursue skincare treatment, they are doing so because they want to experience results. And, we can confirm they do! As we said before, we remove up to 98% of unwanted hair for our laser hair removal patients.

5. CARE & COMPASSION: Our appointments are spaced so we can always offer a relaxed, personalised experience to each of our clients, and even more so nowadays. We want to uncover the problem areas of your skin with you, and we want to create treatment plans that allow you to experience your desired results. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we always feel honoured to offer a space for them to boost their self-confidence and self-care.

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