Unfortunately, as we age, our skin loses elasticity, and there are plenty of factors that contribute to this – changing weight, genetics, skincare and ageing all play a role. However, there are effective non-surgical treatments available that give noticeable long-lasting results that can be tailored to your needs, whether that’s improving crows’ feet or tightening up your jowls.


How does Skin Tightening work?

As a skin tightening treatment, at MySkin we use the 3D Ultimate Pro machine to target ageing skin to improve bloodflow, clearing and regeneration of skin and collagen with radio frequencies, leading to visibly plumper skin and reduced wrinkles after just one treatment. This advanced technology can be used almost anywhere on the body as it can be personalised to your needs to give you consistency. Although designed to target the collagen in the skin, the warmth of the radio frequencies (around 40C) can also stimulate fat loss and help contour the area of skin.


What are the benefits of Skin Tightening?

One of the main benefits of this radio frequency skin tightening treatment is how targeted it can be, giving you effective results with no downtime! Our clients often pop in during their lunch hour for a quick session as there are practically no side effects, and they’ve even compared the sensation to having a hot stone massage.


When will I see results?

As with all of our skin tightening, fat loss and contouring treatments, they are best repeated over a series of appointments to get the greatest benefit, which can be seen after four sessions or around twelve weeks. Clients often, however, see results after just one or two sessions.  In the hands of our trained professionals, the 3D Ultimate Pro will stimulate and rejuvenate your collagen fibres, giving you smoother, tighter skin, greater contouring, improved skin tone and fewer wrinkles, all leading to a more youthful appearance.


If you’re looking for effective, long-lasting treatment to improve problem areas and boost your body confidence, then a course of ultrasound cavitation is a painless and safe way to get solid results after just a few sessions. Want more information? Give us a call to find out more and to book your free consultation!