Looking great and feeling better!

  If you’re dreading getting your body out by the pool or on the beach, then make a change to your body to feel better about yourself with our body contouring treatments. We use top-flight 3D Ultimate technology at MySkin as it painless and effective, and our treatments can even out your skin and body contours too! Simple as that.   At MySkin we’ve seen it all before, so can thoroughly recommend a course of fat loss and contouring treatments to smooth out those troublesome areas to make yourself feel confident again. Our skincare professionals use a handheld device of the 3D Ultimate to target the area you want treating during a short, convenient session – our clients love that the entire process is non-invasive and there is no downtime for our body contouring treatments.   Our trained professionals will rejuvenate your collagen fibres, giving you smoother, tighter skin, greater contouring, improved skin tone and fewer wrinkles, all leading to a more youthful appearance. Some of the services we offer at MySkin include:  

With our fantastic modern technology, we can focus on those areas that just won’t shift. Our sessions are ideal for those people who are close to their goal weight, but are finding it difficult to get rid of stubborn fat pockets. Our treatments are a great solution that works well with a vast majority of our clients, and they see great results – especially when combined!   Looking for effective, long-lasting treatment to improve problem areas and boost your body confidence? Then a course of our fabulous body contouring treatments is a painless and safe way to get solid results after just a few sessions.