At MySkin Laser Clinic, we are committed to serving our clientele with a superior level of attention, personal care and compassion attuned to your unique requirements. Therefore your interests always come first, and our bespoke plans are tailored exactly to solving your problems so you look and feel like you’re ready to walk the red carpet.

If you have the commitment to take the step to invest in yourself to achieve something, we most definitely have the drive to deliver it.

Our team of MySkin professionals are always on hand for any questions you might have prior to, during and after your course of treatments with us.

One of our confident, beautiful clients


For that reason, we have a carefully-planned aftercare service that looks out for you even when you’ve finished with us


We are also more than happy to recommend products and provide you with information to maintain your newly glowing skin or perfectly contoured body at home, so that you get fantastic value from your investment.




To really get the most out of any rejuvenation treatment, you should follow the aftercare advice provided by your practitioner. After a treatment, your skin underneath is likely to be much more sensitive to sun exposure, perfumes and chemicals.


If you follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your MySkin professional – maintaining good hygiene, gentle moisturising and staying out of the sun – you will minimise any post-treatment issues, get the most from your results and make them last longer!

Remember that your skin reflects a lot about your lifestyle, so after a fresh start, remember what you're investing in with this new start.


Not smoking, staying out of the sun, a healthy, vitamin-filled diet, plenty of water and rest will all help keep your skin in tip-top condition after your sessions, prolonging the effect of the treatment. It may well be that you need to come back for further sessions, but these are for maintenance, rather than the initial appointment.


Our treatments are meant as a boost to your self-confidence, so you love and look after yourself, and all these factors will play into an increased sense of well-being and motivation to look after your skin.

After treatment, Parvinder and her MySkin professionals will recommend a number of products to apply to your skin to help keep it comfortable and aid the natural healing process, such as aloe vera gels and products. Nourishing and hydrating your skin will help it recover, so these are important steps as part of the healing process.

- Perhaps most importantly, apply quality sun protections, such as SPF 50, several times a day to avoid sun damage - your skin will be very sensitive and you need to protect it as much as you can to avoid further issues.

- After your treatment your skin may be red and sensitive. Keep your skin clean and moisturised – as instructed by your MySkin professional.

- Allow your skin to go through its natural healing process – should you have any scabs or dry skin after your sessions, do not exfoliate or pick at it, Your body will shed the dead skin naturally.

- Always follow any post-treatment aftercare instructions given to you by your MySkin professional. These will be tailored to your skin, so focus on the specific advice given to you only.

This is the first step of your journey to maintaining fantastic skin - it should be the habit of a lifetime, improving your appearance and, even more importantly, your self-confidence.