Renew your confidence in your skin 

Based in Birmingham, MySkin Laser Clinic is a boutique skincare clinic specialising in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments for clients who wish to rediscover the beauty of their skin. No matter the treatment you choose, we always create customised plans for you and your skin, so you feel welcomed and cared for in our space. Together as a team, we can uncover the root causes of our clients’ skin conditions and present a plan to reverse damage so they can rediscover what it means to feel confident in their appearance. 


Through using the latest techniques and Candela Light technologies, our clinically trained experts treat a wide range of skin conditions effectively. We can achieve up to 95% hair reduction through our laser hair removal regimens. We also treat and can clear a broad selection of skin conditions from acne clearance, rosacea and epidermal pigmented lesions such as hyper-pigmentation and ephiledes (freckles) or solar lentigines (age spots) to PCOS and thread vein removal. 


With our clinical training in laser hair removal and knowledge as skincare experts, not only do we treat our clients using the latest practices, but we have also experienced the benefits through our own unique skin journeys. Because our greatest goal is to offer a specialised experience to our clients, we focus on ways to help you to achieve beautiful skin and restore your confidence. We welcome you to make an appointment with our team as we do offer treatment options for both men and women.


Allow us to work with you as we revitalise your skin and confidence simultaneously. We are honoured to walk alongside you in your journey to better skin, and it will always bring us happiness when we witness your confidence in yourself and your skin restored.


Take a look at our treatments page to see how we can help you look and, more importantly, feel your best. We can’t wait to work with you!